Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an effective, respectful and powerful tool for workers in the caring therapeutic field. SFBT focuses on the client’s resources and skills rather than on their deficits and weaknesses to help them to find solutions and create preferred futures rather than dwelling on past failures.

The purpose of the training course is to up-skill staff who are doing behaviour change work with clients. This is accomplished by introducing them to the concepts and skills of SFBT in a manner that builds on their existing clinical experience. This model is very useful when working clients who may be regarded as “difficult to work with” or where time is limited.

The basic training in SFBT will equip workers with the skills to practice the approach. Follow up courses can be designed to help workers learn the finer points of the approach and embed their skills in SFBT.

Training courses can be delivered for teams for a fixed cost and agencies can offset their costs of hosting training by offering places on the training course to staff from other services.